Reenee R.

“Be happy with the young lady that you are.”

What do you feel is your most beautiful feature?

My most beautiful feature is my forehead and if you ever saw me, you probably would laugh. My forehead is considered a fivehead. It’s huge and it’s usually the butt of everyone’s jokes about me. It sounds weird saying that this is my most beautiful feature but I swear when I explain it, it’ll all make sense. As a young female, I was embarrassed of my forehead and did every hairstyle from bangs to a swoop to an extreme side part to hide it. It wasn’t until adulthood, post college, that I began to embrace my forehead. Now my go to hairstyle is a high bun or a twist out with a center part. Now to get back to the question, my forehead is my most beautiful feature because it is a feature that I had to learn to love. It took years for me to love it, but it’s mine and I wouldn’t be Reenee without it. 

If you could go back and speak to your younger self what would you say to her?

I would tell my younger self to focus on your inner beauty. Be happy with the young lady that you are, focus on your strengths, don’t sweat the flaws, and watch that inner beauty expand to outer beauty.

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