Beauty Is…

What do you feel is your most Beautiful feature? 

 My smile. It’s not perfect but it fits me perfectly. It’s MY smile. I used to get made fun of it. So I put it on a list of things I’ll get “fixed” when I “made it”. But I realized that, that would have been my biggest regret. I would never be happy with myself until I “fixed” my smile. And that money will be going to Sallie Mae anyway LOL. In all seriousness I didn’t want to wait for a day or time to love this feature because its part of who I am. Not putting down cosmetic surgery and the people that choose to do it. I just want to feel happy with who I am naturally first and foremost.  

If you could go back to your younger self what would you say to her? 

 I’d tell her to put down the magazines. To stop comparing herself. I’d tell her everyday that she is Beautiful. I don’t think she felt that way as much as she should have.

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